Destroy the old. Create the new.

In 2018 the Palms Las Vegas Resort was struggling to attract guests to their property undergoing extensive renovation work. Instead of shying away from it, From Dust to Gold embraced the demolition of the hotel’s storied past — literally destroying the old — to build anticipation around the progress of the new property unfolding every day.

Featuring work by Damien Hirst, REVOK, Academy Award-winning DP Linus Sandgren and legendary director Paul Hunter, this was the result of a proactive idea I pitched to AKQA and Palms. Beyond unlocking a sizable budget, it also paved the way for a long and succesfull client partnership. 
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Some fear the unknown, some embrace it.
Palms presents: The Unknown Bar, featuring work by Damien Hirst.

From the ashes, a new legend will rise.
Palms presents: Scotch 80 Prime restaurant.

Every end is a new beginning.
Palms presents: new Apex Social Club.

Caution: wet paint.
Teaser video, featuring art by Jason Revok.


Embracing its work-in-progress state, we created a new visual ethos to embody the hotel trasnformation. Gold Vandalism utilizes strikes of gold spray paint to disrupt the elegant black type — subverting, highlighting or transforming the significance of each headline.

Role: Concept, Tagline, Scripts, Headlines, Copy Lead

Core agency team: Aaron Seymour-Andersson, Alice Chiapperini, Dustin Freeman, Daniel Jones.

Director: Paul Hunter / DP: Linus Sandgren / Artist: Revok / Artist: Damien Hirst / CD @ Palms: Tal Cooperman / GM @ Palms: Jon Gray