The Air Max 2090 was set to hit the shelves in March 2020 — but how do you launch the world's most coveted sneaker amid global lockdowns and store closures?

We teamed up with three female artists and created intreactive art and AR Snapchat games designed to inspire positivity and self-expression. By completing the games, users unlocked presale access to each colorway.

Marylou Faure X Lotus Pink + Particle Grey

Marylou’s Art – The Inspiration

 “When working on these posters, I wanted to create a world that represented the energy and quirkiness of the sneakers lovers. As one of them myself, I thought it would be good to portray characters that were dynamic, playful and fun.”

“I like to have my artwork looking really fun, colorful and character based. The main message I want people to get is a sense of fun and playfulness. I wanted the characters to be diverse and represent a variety of personalities and styles.”

“ The shoe plays a central part in both posters, but really the focus is mainly on the people who wear them—where they are and how they use it.

There’s really a pride in owning a good pair of sneakers or wearing them for the first time. I wanted to reflect that in my work by having really confident characters showing off and feeling like they’re on top of the world (or in this case, in the sky)…”

Helen Li X Habanero Red

Helen’s Art – The Inspiration

“I set out to create characters that felt fun, energetic and self-confident. I wanted them to be diverse and dynamic—representing people of different backgrounds without showing certain groups explicitly. That’s why I chose to create animal-human hybrids, to let viewers identify with whoever they wish, no matter the physical traits they were born with”.

“It’s about choices and self-expression. For instance, the ‘Bull’ character represents those young athletes who are fitness focused and driven, while the ‘Bat’ speaks to all those who are more laid-back and irreverent with their style and swagger”.

“You can be an experimental, carefree type—like the Shark-person character—who isn’t held back by norms or opinions. Or you can be more like the ‘Gator guy’, a rebellious skater who looks tough with their rows of teeth but is still playful and mischievous. Who you decide to be is up to you”.

Tina Bauer x Summit White

Tina’s Art – The Inspiration
“My main inspiration is people—anyone with conviction and a voice. The three-headed body represents radical inclusiveness, where different minds work in synergy to move together”.

The ‘Flower boy’ pays homage to the shift in music and pop culture around gender stereotypes, a tribute to iconoclast artists like Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean and Little Nas X, whose styles have opened up to new forms of non-binary self-expression”.