The world's first interactive, true-to-sport, trialling experience.

While professional athletes have access to unparalleled training, performance assessment and supportive innovation, people trying on shoes are limited to a bench and few feet to jump in. To help consumers make the right decision on their performance wear, select Nike stores were equipped with treadmills and basketball courts, powered by a digital platform, motion sensors and cameras. Every product loaded bespoke drills and interactive games that enabled consumers to test the shoe against key performance indicators.

In a world where more and more customers buy online, Nike has provided a legitimate reason to come in store.

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2017 Cannes Lions, Digital Craft, Shortlist.
2018, One Show, Interactive/Experiential, Merit.


An example of a product-specific experience. For the 20th anniversary of Space Jam, Air Jordan dropped a limited edition AJ XXXI inspired by the most awesomest basketball game in the history of space-time — Tune Squad vs Monstars. We surprised Trial Zone users with a screen takeover from the infamous Monstars, which challenged customers to a cosmic rematch. Customers had the chance to try the shoe while immersed in a gloomy, alien-contaminated court environment, where they could finally take the buzzer beater to defy the Monstars once and for all.

Demo of the Space Jam experience in the Nike Soho Store.


Launched alongside the new Nike store in Soho, Nike+ Trial Zone has been scaled across several stores around the world - including Beijing, Paris, Miami - making sure, for the very first time ever, that consumers are in the right shoe before purchase.