Empowering Hong Kong women through their run.

Young women in Hong Kong are often faced with many challenges. They have big aspirations; but the different pressures of society often become their barriers, preventing them from reaching their goals. We want women to realise how running can be empowering to them both physically and mentally. Merging two of the most popular apps in China: WeChat and Nike+, NIKE WECHAT+ was born. This mobile platform included a personal 8-week training program, performance monitor, networking tools, GPS tracking, news update, content sharing and unlockable reward features to prepare and transform each person for their big day: the Nike Hong Kong Womens Race 2015.

APAC Effie 2016, Brand Experience, Shortlist.
APAC Effie 2016, Sponsorship & Event, Shortlist.
AMES 2016, Digital, Shortlist.