The streets teach you what a coach cannot.

Due to a lack of resources, space and infrastructure, finding training facilities can be a real challenge for those living in a major metropolis in South America. Yet the lack of space and ideal conditions is the perfect proving ground for strikers. As an answer to that, we created a film series that got kids motivated to get out, hack the spaces around their city and unleash their finishing skills.

Drill 1: Triple Finish.
When defenders give you no room, your first touch is key to set up a deadly shot. Practice this drill to improve your control and finishing in tight spaces.

Drill 2: Finish Battle.
Quick reactions leave defenders in the dust. Watch the video, then battle it out with pace and creativity to finish in style.

Drill 3: Cut and Kill.
Learn how to tie defenders in knots by practicing fast-feet and quick cuts. Don’t forget that lethal finish.

Drill 4: 1v1.
Sometimes a striker needs to create their own path to goal. Boss the exercise using your skill and creativity to unlock defenses and beat keepers.

Drill 5: Pick a Run.
When making runs into the box, timing is everything. Watch the video and master the exercise to improve your runs and finishing on the move.