track, inspired by the campaign tagline, and sampling elements of Ja

Palms / Unstatus Quo

Forget old Vegas. What happens here resonates everywhere.

Las Vegas offered the same clichés for decades. For the relaunch of the Palms resort, we gathered a crew of status quo saboteurs to subvert the tired expectations of what Vegas has become — and to bring culture back to a city that had lost it.

Featured on Billboard, Grammy, Hypebeast, Forbes, People, Paper, Vibe, NBC, ET, The Drum, Travel Weekly, Daily Mail, Telemundo, HotNewHipHop, The Hollywood Reporter, Popsugar, Men’s Journal, AdAge, Adweek.

Hero Film

The activation - Unstatus Quo Drops

The Palms launch film was also the only way to get one-of-a-kind art pieces and products.

We hacked the YouTube Cards functionality to drop exclusive creations from partner artists and brands within our film. Pieces from Joshua Vides & Nike, REVOK, Dapper Dan & Gucci, and others were only available to those who watched the launch film.

The brand & music partnership

A new, unreleased track featuring samples of James Brown was co-created with LA rapper Duckwrth as the soundtrack across our films. It was released in unison with the campaign across all major music streaming services including Apple Music and Spotify. The brand partnership included naming the track and designing the album cover art in partnership with artist REVOK.

"Unstatus Quo" debuted as #5 on the Anti Pop playlist on Spotify.

Highlights from the 40+ additional content pieces

Ken Block - Donuts

Andy Warhol - Ping Pong Dining Table

Adriana Lima - Basquiat on the Side

Dapper Dan & Ezra Miller - Feeling Gucci

Chris Staples - In-Room Dunk Service

Revok - Untitled

Ozuna - Tea Time



From drinking with the sharks at Damien Hirst’s ‘Unknown’ Bar to rare steak and rarer whisky at Scotch 80; balling out in the Hardwood Suite to drinking in the ultimate view of Vegas from Apex’s 55-story rooftop, we obsessed and celebrated the details that make Palms unique througout the campaign.

The #UnstatusQuo Crew Of Influence

In partnership with our team of cultural icons, we created a blast of culture-jamming art, products and experiences — and a ton of content — all of which proved that Palms is different by design.

Cardi B
Musician, Ex-Stripper & Cultural Phenomenon

Graffiti Writer Turned Gallery Artist
Ken Block
Rally Champion & YouTube Sensation

Dapper Dan
Harlem Legend, Activist, Designer & Gucci Partner

Emily Ratajkowsky
Model, Fashion Designer & Activist
Adriana Lima
Supermodel, Mother & Athlete

OzunaLatin Trap Legend & Tea Aficionado

DJ, Gamer, Helmet Head
Rita Ora
Refugee, Musician & Designer

Ryan Sheckler
World Champion Skater & Grew Up At Palms
Ezra Miller
Actor, Queer Advocate & Social Media Dissenter*
Leticia Bufoni
World Champion Skater

Timothy Curtis
Graffiti Writer Turned Gallery Artist
Joshua Vides
Shoe Designer & Artist
Felipe Pantone
Graffiti Writer Turned Gallery Artist

Gary Stranger
Graffiti Writer Turned Typographer

Chef Michael Symon
Iron Chef, Turning BBQ into Fine Dining

Damien Hirst
Designed World's Most Expensive Suite at Palms

Olivia Steele
Light Artist & Fire Sculptor
Chris Staples
Dunk Champion & Former Harlem Globetrotter

Duckworth feat. James Brown
Original UQ Soundtrack

The campaign permeated the news with coverage across a diverse range of media outlets, including: AdAge, Adweek, Billboard, Grammy, Hypebeast, Forbes, People, Paper, Vibe, NBC, ET, The Drum, Travel Weekly, Daily Mail, Telemundo, HotNewHipHop, The Hollywood Reporter, People En Espanol, Popsugar, Men’s Journal.

Role: Concept, Tagline, Scripts, Copy Lead

Core agency team: Aaron Seymour-Andersson, Alice Chiapperini, Dustin Freeman, Daniel Jones, Thomas Martin.

Director: Sam Brown / DP: Benoit Debie / CD @ Palms: Tal Cooperman / GM @ Palms: Jon Gray