Young Glory is a worldwide competition devoted to awarding creative consistency. Dubbed as the ”Advertising's Tour de France for young creatives”, each month a different industry leader sets and judges his own brief. Following our success in the 2015 Professional competition, Alice Chiapperini and I have been recognized among the top three teams in the world, and were asked to present our ideas at the C2 Commerce+Creativity conference in Montreal.

Highlight reel of our experience at C2.

Presenting on stage at C2.

Becoming Young Glory's Facebook header.

The featured teams at C2 Montreal.


Season 2015/16:

Round 2: Refugees Support Finalist x2
Round 3: Fatigue Driving Finalist
Round 5: The Taxi Cab Finalist
Round 8: Books build lives Silver

Season 2014/15:

Round 1: Childhood Obesity Finalist
Round 2: Ebola Management Bronze
Round 5: Artificial Intelligence Silver
Round 6: Genetic Testing Bronze